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veridian1 asked: For what's noticeable about your style, I'd have to definitely say the way you draw body shapes and hair! They are both lovely features and you draw them like spot on every time. Plus, your facial expressions are always interesting to look at too!

I get the expression comment a lot, it’s pretty lovely. Thanks!

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Anonymous asked: I love your blog and I was curious; which WTNV ep would you say is the creepiest/most unsettling one you've heard? I know for me there was one (forgot which one) that I couldn't listen to at night.

Well I listened most of the episodes of the first year at night, and hearing kosheck’s noise kinda froze me in my bed. Right after the next ep started with the faceless old woman living in your home and i was…. kind of uncomfortable. ;H;

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wordhockey asked: You do a little bit of shading on each nose and I love the smiles you draw. I also notice that your proportions are dead on 99% of the time which is seriously awesome. When I doodle my people end up looking like noodles. Which is HILARIOUS. Last bit: I notice and love that your style is a combination of manga and graphic novel/comicbookesque. Beautiful. :)

aaaah the last bit really makes me happy ;w; thanks for noticing that cause i worked hard on finding a good balance between the two that was satisfying me. <3

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gangsterkanaya12 asked: I love your drawings so much! I love your night vale art comics! How did you discover night vale?

Awh thanks a bunch! <3

Well around one year ago (shit already??) the episode “First date” aired and it was a fucking explosion on tumblr. I saw a couple of cool art, mostly of scenery and angels and finally one of them was explained how cool night vale is, so I decided to start listening while I was on vacation.

Boy it was the best decision of my life. 

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The scout shack (Cecearl NSFW strip)

So a while ago, I’ve been commissioned by someone who wish to stay anonymous for a first time sex cecearl comm. It’s finally done, and the client wants me to share it with you guys without watermark so you can enjoy it properly. 

Keep in mind I designed this strip before knowing Cecil was canonically in the scouts when he was young. 

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