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Hey, win some art!


As long-time followers know, I aim to do a little giveaway of some variety every fiftyish followers I gain. Last night I hit 350 exactly, which means there is a prize to be won!

The fabulous oxytrezart opened just five commission slots a while back, and I grabbed one of them. Winner of the giveaway gets that slot, with 25 credit pre-paid, for whatever they want that’s within Oxy’s agreed art range. Details of what she’ll draw on commission are on her commissions page, here.

That €25 will get you up to two full colored/shadowed characters with a background and up to one optional extra character - if you want more, you can add extra credit to what I’ve already pre-paid for you.

Only one entry per person, whether it’s a like or a reblog. You don’t have to be following me to enter, but I would consider it polite if we at least shared a fandom or something before you try to snag the prize. TF2, Night Vale, Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name…

This giveaway runs for one week, ending on Tuesday April 29th at 11.55pm GMT+1.

hey guys rebbloging here in case some are interested. :D

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I’m going to reopen commission soon, but only a limited slot number, for I do not have too much time on my hand. (I even wonder if a limited slots is a good idea, but i could use some money right now.)

Something like 5 slots? I think I’m gonna take pre order, it’d be easier. 

Would anyone be interested? Here are the prices is you’re interested. 

1. DaftAlchemist

2. Nightvaleswimclub

3. Zigrave

4. Tentacleinyourcoffee

5. Mangosandstuff

Okay slots are full! Sorry for the ones that didn’t make it, but do not worry, I will open 5 new slots once those will be over. 

Also to the cecearl commissioner: Do not worry I’m still working on it. 

One done tonight, I am currently talking about Nightvaleswimclub about what they want. :D

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Anonymous asked: Can we have more of your earl harlan? He's soooo hot

Oh you’ll more of him alright when I’ll be done with that strip commission that’s in the making. 

I might also have time to doodle while vacation so possibly an update in two weeks or so. uwu

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A Small Request for Assistance


Oxy and I have been talking about this, and we’d both really like it if I could go visit her this September for my birthday. This would be a really great thing to happen for both of us, and also for me specifically because I would have a chance to visit London and Paris, which are two places I’ve never been to before, and would desperately like to visit.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’m also very poor. I’m willing to splurge on this because it’s really a once in a lifetime type of deal, but I’d like some help, and that’s where you guys come in.

I’d like to tap you guys for help. I don’t actually expect anything from you in repayment to the fics and fanart I’ve brought into your lives, but I know that many of you have expressed interest in wanting to do that at various points, so here’s a good chance to do that.

If you are able to donate and help me achieve this goal, you will see lots of photos of me in London and Paris and wherever else Oxy wants to take me, and will definitely see fic and fanart come from all of the gross pervert WtNV talking we’ll be doing.

If you are not able to donate, well that’s totally fine. I’m poor, I understand how that works. I’m not looking for you guys to completely fund this thing, just hoping for a little help. My fics will still be free, my blog will obviously still be free. It’s no big deal and absolutely no hard feelings.

So, yeah, there’s a big, yellow “Donate” button on the side of my blog if you’d like to help out. There’s also a link to writing commission info if you’d like to help but would also like to receive something for your troubles. That’s fine too. 

I’d really appreciate any help I can get to make my birthday extra awesome this year.

I’m signal boosting this here cause it’d mean, for personal reasons, a lot to us. 

Sorry for the lack of art recently, but you now, Hiatus. 

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OK, the white supremacist is using yet another url.


This time it’s racistdesu

This is a fandom-wide problem. This is a person who’s openly racist and bullying fans of color. 

Please, let’s show the fans of color we care. In light of recent events, we really need to.

How to report: 


-Explain that this person has been showing up under various names, posting the same racist bullshit every time. Past names: polite-and-white, queennationalist, thenationalisthousewife.. 100 % sure to be the same person, because she identifies herself as “Roxie” every time, and spams the same fandom tags. 

-Their blog violates Tumblr’s rules. Hate speech should get you banned. 

-DO NOT engage this person in conversation. They will not listen and only thrive on adversity. 

(via oxytreza)

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