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Anonymous asked: Oh man. I need more art of that clip. Because HOLY CRAP

it will proooobably come. I was planning initially to make a whole strip of it, but I have so many other things to do that I started with a simple scribble. owo


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so a day or two before I got this ask, Oxy had asked me to draw one of her headcanons, and I thought mixing the two would be a good way to go since I knew she wouldn’t mind me drawing her Cecil in some thigh highs. so here is Oxy’s Cecil headcanon in some wet look thigh highs/panties uwu

also I spent like SO LONG looking at references for how to actually do anatomy so I hope it all looks good. I’ve never drawn a butt so hard before ;;w;;

still don’t have room for my scanner, so still shitty cell phone photos, and still sorry about that!!

Aaaaah its so lovely i love it

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reckless-creatures asked: There's a masterpost of Hanna is not a boys name on tumblr. I have a link if anyone needs it!

Here is your answer anonw

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Anonymous asked: I think the website Hanna Is Not a Boys Name was on is no longer valid ???!!!

Yes but someone put everything on a tumblr i think?