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A Small Request for Assistance


Oxy and I have been talking about this, and we’d both really like it if I could go visit her this September for my birthday. This would be a really great thing to happen for both of us, and also for me specifically because I would have a chance to visit London and Paris, which are two places I’ve never been to before, and would desperately like to visit.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’m also very poor. I’m willing to splurge on this because it’s really a once in a lifetime type of deal, but I’d like some help, and that’s where you guys come in.

I’d like to tap you guys for help. I don’t actually expect anything from you in repayment to the fics and fanart I’ve brought into your lives, but I know that many of you have expressed interest in wanting to do that at various points, so here’s a good chance to do that.

If you are able to donate and help me achieve this goal, you will see lots of photos of me in London and Paris and wherever else Oxy wants to take me, and will definitely see fic and fanart come from all of the gross pervert WtNV talking we’ll be doing.

If you are not able to donate, well that’s totally fine. I’m poor, I understand how that works. I’m not looking for you guys to completely fund this thing, just hoping for a little help. My fics will still be free, my blog will obviously still be free. It’s no big deal and absolutely no hard feelings.

So, yeah, there’s a big, yellow “Donate” button on the side of my blog if you’d like to help out. There’s also a link to writing commission info if you’d like to help but would also like to receive something for your troubles. That’s fine too. 

I’d really appreciate any help I can get to make my birthday extra awesome this year.

I’m signal boosting this here cause it’d mean, for personal reasons, a lot to us. 

Sorry for the lack of art recently, but you now, Hiatus. 

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OK, the white supremacist is using yet another url.


This time it’s racistdesu

This is a fandom-wide problem. This is a person who’s openly racist and bullying fans of color. 

Please, let’s show the fans of color we care. In light of recent events, we really need to.

How to report: 


-Explain that this person has been showing up under various names, posting the same racist bullshit every time. Past names: polite-and-white, queennationalist, thenationalisthousewife.. 100 % sure to be the same person, because she identifies herself as “Roxie” every time, and spams the same fandom tags. 

-Their blog violates Tumblr’s rules. Hate speech should get you banned. 

-DO NOT engage this person in conversation. They will not listen and only thrive on adversity. 

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okay that porny blog have rather good responses to it so I’m proud to say I will do it. Not now obviously, but I’ll probably start working on it and fiddle with themes and such when i’ll have time and once I’m more free, I’ll open questions and I’ll start answering them. :D

thank you all! <3

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holy shit i want to open a porny cecilos ask blog.

for like all the kinky question you’d have for them. any people would want this?

if i do it that would be not now tho, cause semi hiatus and all. BUT. I REALLY LIKE THE IDEA. PLUS IT’D MADE ME PRACTISE MY PORN WHICH I FEEL WENT STALE RECENTLY.

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Anonymous asked: How do i become the friendship with you I just want to show you my shitty art and trade headcanons

dude i’d be happy to but coming out anon would be a good first step. ;)

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Zi Graves: hmmmmm
Zi Graves: give me another little prompt thing.
Oxytreza: mmmmh
Oxytreza: Carlos spanks cecil
Oxytreza: would you be comfortable writing them as teen? cause earlier i was thinking about them having sex and carlos playfully slaps him and cecil moans very loud and carlos freeze like « ….you like that? » and they discover the joy of spanking together
Zi Graves: Like, college AU, messing about?
Oxytreza: yeh

And she did and it’s absolutely glory i o u s. Shared with permission from her. uwu

Student accommodations were small and shared. Roommates were a peril to be carefully negotiated.

There was one - just one - night a week when Cecil absolutely knew that his own abhorred roommate would be absent, and that meant one - just one - night a week when he could take the risk of inviting Carlos over. Carlos’ roommate appeared to never actually leave their shared room at all, a fact which Carlos apologised endlessly and rather adorably for in fits of frustrated sexual tension on the other six nights of the week.

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Sharing here as well cause it’s just too good to keep it for myself. 

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